Our Favorite Action Items

Here you will find our favorite things. Blogs, websites, gifts, books, videos, and much much more. We’re not planning a blog or selling books or making videos, because we think there are already a lot of resources available that offer wonderful information. At First Chance Foundation we believe in helping you become a better philanthropist. By sharing these things we believe they will allow you to see the many things and options and learning tools available to givers and doers. That’s why you’re here…right?


Milk & Bookies – Read, Give, Grow – a charitable organization that inspires children to give back, using books as currency.

We Give Books – Read a book. Give a book. Combining the joy of reading with the power of helping others.

K-Love Radio Station – Positive, encouraging – a radio station focused on making a positive difference by spreading the “Good News” and helping people with spiritual growth.

Sign Up Genius – a free online tool that helps you create and manage group signup lists for any event.

Do Something – a site using the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline.

Find the Good in Life – a place to get social connected with other positive people and to get products to help spread the Good Revolution.

Verbalocity, Inc. – a company that enhances the leadership experiences of its clients by providing effective leadership solutions.


Nonprofitorgs – blog – this blog allows you to get the nitty-gritty and the ins and outs of the non-profit world from social media to all things non-profit. This is a must read.

Clint Swindall – blog – As a Founder of First Chance Foundation, Clint is on the cutting edge of leadership knowledge, his blog is full of lessons we can all use in business and our daily lives. He keeps leadership lessons interesting to say the least.

Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog – a blog that is highly recommended by lots of other blog sites – this one specifically for non-profit knowledge.


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Cafe Press – you can purchase items from non-profits at this retail site.