Take Action

When we host or support events we look for volunteers, financial support and in-kind donations. If you ever have the desire to help, please keep in contact with us by checking back regularly for updated events. Or signing up for our update emails. We only send out emails when we are working with an event. This will keep you updated and allow you to help support in the way you feel moved to do so.

We do appreciate you taking time out of your day to consider one of our events as one you would be willing to support.

   How can we help you?    

Check out our favorite things on Our Favs page. We give you blogs, websites, gifts, and much more.Things that help us just might help you, too.

   Considering being a donor?    

Please visit Our donors page. Our club levels are listed for your selection.

   Need a speaker for an event?    

Visit Our Supporters page to learn more about the qualifications and the process.

   Donate to First Chance?    

Visit Contributions page to donate today. You can donate in multiple ways.